Tuesday, November 6, 2007

SARIMANOK: Rules of Engagement

1. Protect your safe distance at all time. Never hesitate to run if you can.

2. Always keep out from the line of attack.

3. Never engage into a knife-to-knife fighting. The tendency is you sacrifice 50% of your
intention and attention to defend, aside from really moving in to his fighting range
for you to score a hit. You are better off with a stick, bolo, gun, stone, jacket, towel, belt, chair
etc. because you put yourself in your own fighting range - attacking while defending. If
you are unarmed, your body is your best weapon.

4. Upon contact, strive to grab, hold, stick, adhere, armbar, push, pull, leg swept, elbow break, kick, punch, before your attempt to disarm and neutralize.

5. Don't be passive. Launch your attack once he is in your fighting range - spear hand to the
eyes or throat, kick the groin or knees, grab his hand with the knife, etc. Remember, even in
self-defense, the best defense is offense.

6. Unless you are dealing with multiple armed opponents, don't overkill (slashing the throat,
striking vital areas, etc.) once you are in control of the knife. Self defense is about survival,
not vanquish. Be wary of the aftermath & consequence of your action after the fight (legal,
revenge, etc.)

7. During engagement, pay attention to your environs. You may be dealing with other

8. Expect the unexpected. Don't look at the knife. Focus your attention at his sternum where
you have a good sight of his entire body movements. Although its 99% possible that he will
use his knife against you, he could kick, punch, elbow, butt, leg swept, etc.

9. Don't be timid in defending your life. Shout for help, yell, talk your way out.

10. Know your opponent, but never underestimate his capacity. Indicators are his eyes (focus), his stance, the way he holds the knife, breathing pattern, reaction, facial expression, body tension, body movements, etc.

Dakila Hsuan

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